Newsletter Recommendations

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This week I subscribed to a newsletter. The author was hesitant to start one but was worried that his current distribution channel will not be there forever. Guess where he posts today?

Anyway, newsletters had a renaissance for quite some time now. I subscribed and enjoyed a couple of them, related to my current line of work.

Intune Newsletter by Andrew Taylor

Weekly collection of links around all sorts of Cloud based Endpoint Management topics.

Finding Patterns in the Noise by Daniel Meissler

Not specific to products, but Security in a broader sense. Also, a lot of general observations around security, society, and technology.

This Week in Security by Zack Whittaker

Collecting articles and news around, well, Security, companies being breached, ransomware gangs bein arrested, and new proofs of concept being published.

Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap by Rod Trent

Useful source for the different Microsoft Defender products, but not only. Also links to shows, podcasts, and event.

JustDoTheBasics by Jeremy Windmiller

Weekly news around Microsofts Security products and collection of news that Microsofts publishes around general security topics.